Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Sew Chaotically! ~ Me Made May Days 25, 26, 27 and today - a pretty blouse

To catch up...
Me Made May Day 25!  Bit of a repeat, but I love this versatile Peppermint Peplum Top by In The Folds so much this may be how summer rolls!  My photog cracks me up!!!
Me Made May Day 26! Love this breezy African Wax Print Inari top.  Will probably make it a smidge longer next time.
Me Made May Day 27!  This Polly top, one of several I've made, is perfect in hot weather!  I made this one using a remnant of a baby gingham I had on hand and a past its prime fine knit sweater!
 And for Me Made May TODAY:  a bit of a cheat.  Having spent the day "cleaning the forest" as the kids used to say when I went after the Virginia Creeper and such in the wooded areas we have on our property with my weed eater, I figured that was an "outfit" that needed no documentation!!!  BUT ~ I made this pretty little top at the end of April to wear to Char's wedding where it was lovely, easy to wear and great for partying with the sisters!!!
You gotta love Sister Sledge!!!  Bahaha!!!

Anyhow, I thought today I'd share it!  It started with this pretty, sheer crepe I got in Walthamstow Market during our London trip!  Only two pieces of that haul remain unused!  When I saw the dress Ruthie was going to wear and learned that the guys would be wearing khakis, I knew the perfect outfit for the event.  This fabric, made up in a pussy bow top using  (B6578 made previously here sans bow!) paired with these perfect pants (B6178)!!!

I used French seams throughout.  Added a narrow elastic to the sleeves.  And I think it turned out really well.  Better, in some ways, than the one made previously in the Liberty Print as this fabric drapes so softly.

Isn't it pretty?
And yes...to continue our Melanoma Awareness PSA...

Not all melanoma is due to tanning.  But, your odds of acquiring melanoma, not to mention other skin cancers, age spots, and wrinkles, sure increase when you do!!!  Just say'n!!!! Live and sew chaotically! ~ les

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