Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Sew and LIVE chaotically!! ~ An AMAZING #MeMadeMay Day 7!

Since August, I've been working to get better and stronger!  For about a month or so, I've been running 2 miles, or doing '2 miles' in 20 minutes on the elliptical, with core work (70 sit-ups, push-ups and light weights) 6 days a week.  This week I kicked it up to 3 miles on the elliptical in 30 minutes!!!  No, I don't always feel like it.  Yes, my knees, ankles, and hips hurt - as do some older battle wounds.  But they hurt just as much if I don't exercise!  And today? Today was a day of celebration in SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO many ways!!!  Roo and I made it back to Barre!  An exercise class that we had been rocking out weekly for about 6 months prior to my debacle!
We did it!  And - we did it pretty dang well!!  Plus, there are THREE Me-Mades in this pic!  The CROSSING OUT CANCER TWICE tee I'm wearing was made for me by my sister, Carla!  Isn't it awesome?  I love it!  Plus, I made Roo's exercise top!  Check out the fun back below!  But the third make leaves those in the dust!!!  I made that beautiful creature and today is her birthday!!!  She is one of the most dynamic, brilliant, vivid, loving, truly ALIVE humans I have ever met.  My life has been blessed to witness her blossom into the amazing woman she is today!
A party in the back!
Isn't she lovely?  Her life is an unending source of support and encouragement to all she touches ~ from the children she teaches, to her friends and family.  She has been one of my best cheerleaders and a real support to my recuperation more than once!!! 

While fighting for your life, hoping for your future, and dealing with the shit that cancer dishes out is never easy - you learn you are stronger than you think you are! Sadly, I cannot give deserved credit for the emblem below as I don't know the creator, but I love it! 

My method?  My motto?   "...I'ma keep running, cause a winner don't quit on themselves!" Beyonce and Kendrick Lamar - Freedom

Thanks to all of you who have encouraged my efforts, given me strength when mine waned, and never doubted me.  Roo - I owe so very much to YOU!!!  Happy, happy birthday, sweetie.  I love you ever so! I know the coming year is going to be as beautiful as you are!  You are today and always, my best MeMadeMay! ~ mommy/les


  1. Happy birthday to Rosie! And good for y'all with the exercise class!

  2. Hopefully we'll be able to go once a week through the summer!