Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Live Chaotically!! ~ A Mash UP!!! #MeMadeMay #Scrapbusting and #MelanomaAwarenessMonth

For the non-sewists here, Me Made May is a celebration of self made wardrobe items as well as sewing with a conscience - from refashioning and repairing ready-to-wear items in our closets, careful purchasing of environmentally friendly fabrics, and economical use of fabric we purchase.  That's the gist of it anyway.  I played along in 2017 and took a pass last year.  I'll give it a try this go round and see how it goes. Today's make ticks several boxes!!!  The top is made from the remains of the fabric I used to make my Bruges!  The facings are made from literal scraps, to the point I had to piece them together!!  And the pattern is one from the 80's, used to make tops I wore in high school!!  That's gotta be a #MMM win!!! 

But, that's not all folks!!!  I'm still using scraps to build my stock of squares for a Carolina Chain quilt and cut worthy bits into strips, just waiting to evolve into binding!  There's even a new pattern on the horizon!  SEW exciting!!!

May is a busy month for another, less frivolous (no matter how conscientious) reason...

We have made great strides in melanoma treatment since the dark ages - aka the years before 2011.  Still, we do not have treatments that are effective for all melanoma patients.  It is anticipated that 7,230 Americans will die from melanoma in 2019. Additionally, 192,000 new cases will be added to the melanoma roster this year as well.  This is NOT okay!!!

More melanoma intel and Me Made stylings will be coming your way this month. 

In the meantime, this 16 year melanoma survivor has to get some second hand plants over to Roo!!  Sew Chaotically! Protect the skin you're in!  Live LARGE and chaotically!!! - les


  1. May is the perfect month for your blog! ;) The top is cute ~ and boy is that pattern a blast from the past!

  2. Isn't it???? On all fronts!! HA!