Sunday, May 12, 2019

Sew Chaotically! ~ Me Made May Day 11 and OBX - Jockey's Ridge State Park

More me mades and adventures!

Sew Liberated's Matcha top and refashioned paint splattered pants!
Can you say, "AMAZING SAND DUNE!"????
Perhaps not as large as Dune of Pilat in the Arcachon Bay we visited in France, but still!  WOW!
Melanoma Awareness Message of the day ~ Avoid the sun in peak hours, wear protective clothing and SUN SCREEN in order to...

Sew and live chaotically!!! - les


  1. That sand dune is phenomenal! They had the perfect blue chairs. ;)

  2. It was crazy! And the minute we walked up to the place, B was happy 'cause the BLUE was on point!! HA!