Saturday, May 4, 2019

Sew Chaotically and Melanoma Awareness! ~ Dandelion Paris Top by Orageuse and #GETNAKED!!!!

The crazy of GCC of the appendix found in "routine" (???) scans for Stage IV melanoma at the end of August put many things on the back burner!  Not the least of which was working with some birthday fabric from my sweet Ruthie!!!  Both amazing prints in BLUE!  I decided on a midi Hollyburn skirt for the birds and thought I could get a pleated skirt AND a sweet little Paris Top by Orageuse out of the dandelion print!  FINALLY, plans for the dandelion print are springing to life!

Having made this little top before, I knew that no zip was needed.  It goes together supper easy and has a sweet little shoulder detail.

Given that this material is a bit sheer, I lined the front and used a bit of the same light weight lining material for the back facing.  No. Ugly. Insides!

It's a cute, versatile top that can be dressed up or down.  I'm wearing it with some of B's old jeans, minus a big wedge I took out of the back in order to make some "Mom" jeans!
And during May and once a month every month...

...and check your skin.  The life you save may be your own....or of someone you love.  Got moles, funny lumps or bumps ~ Get Naked.  Get checked. 

So happy to finally be able to rock my birthday fabric!!!  Thanks Ruthie!!!  Stay tuned to see what I do with the rest!! - les