Monday, August 20, 2018

Sew Chaotically! - Paris top by Orageuse and a-line skirt combo! It's awesome!!

Sew!  This post is long in coming in all sorts of ways!!!  I got this border, eyelet print cotton from Mood over a year ago, thinking I would make some sort of boho top using the scalloped edge as the hem.  When it arrived it was lovely, but there was much MORE to the border than anticipated, so it sat.  Over the winter, I fell in love with everything Orageuse and B was sweet enough to purchase, print and put together a bunch of them!!!  They have been AWESOME!!!  Here is the Berlin skirt!  Here is the lovely Bristol dress!  And I have their Bruges cut out!!!!  When spring arrived I was set on making the Paris top!  So.....I did!
I considered so many things!  The aforementioned top.  A dress.  Then it hit me!  The "top" of the fabric as the Paris top and the bottom - a simple skirt.  Perfect together!  Perfect as separates!!  I know this goes against the Oona Balloona grain, and I love her for it.  But, it works better for my life and style!  Cheers, to us both!!!
Thus far...the size 40 has been working perfectly! I had to make this top a little shorter than indicated due to fabric limitations. All patterns have gone together well, explain any adjustments that you may need to make, and have interesting details I love.  Although on this one, the zipper is not needed for wearability (so I left it out) though I may well use on another version to up the cuteness quotient!
I think this simple top really does exemplify "Parisian chic"!
The neckline is so pretty, and while facings can be the bane of the home sewist's existence as a red light that shouts "Holly Hobby Homemade"!!!!  These lay very nicely and add to the structure of the neckline, rather than jack it up!!!

I LOVE this little shoulder detail!
For the skirt I used this basic pattern, adding on seam side slits on both sides.  Easy peasy!
I've worn this to work several times and it is a very "workable" outfit that got lots of compliments with each wear!
Poor B was tasked with snagging a few pics before we were off to errands.  Fashion poses in the garden!  Bahahaha!!!

Simple.  Pretty.  Useful.  Mix and match!  I like it!  Sew chaotically!! - les

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