Friday, August 17, 2018

Live chaotically! - REFASHION! (It covers a lot!)

"REFASHION!!!"  It's become a thing! A verb AND a noun!  Who knew?  But, hold up!!  Is this new (or news)????  NOPE!  Those of us who didn't have the where-with-all to attain the latest style learned years ago how to change that old prom/bride maid's dress into something we could wear on a date, sewed on that grosgrain ribbon to make like a prep-ster, and appropriated "men's wear" straight out of our man's closet.  Scarlet wasn't even the first refashioner when she yanked down those curtains and grabbed the tail feathers out of a rooster to create an amazing gown and a fascinator with southern charm!!!  Despite the cutting edge the latest "refashioners" like to think they're on, I love the idea and have lived it for years!!!  I hate waste and have often lacked the resources to purchase my ideals in sewing, cooking, gardening, home decor - you name it!  Plus, I love the creative nature of the process.  How do you turn trash into treasure?  Bunch of broken crayon nubs?  Make a candle! Empty wine bottle?  Nope!  That one is a beautiful carafe for vinegar.  The other one is a lovely vase.  Kid outgrows their favorite t-shirt?  Make them a pillow!  Got scraps?  Braid them into a rug.  Make them into a pot holder.  Sew up a warm throw for a bunch of freezing runners at those late night meets.  Veggies a bit too limp to stand up in a salad?  Girl, you got the makin's for soup!  Turn those potato peels into new flowers and veggies by composting!  The nifty cloth packaging from the same material purchased sheets and pillowcases often come in these days make lovely matching throw pillows with just a bit of "refashioning"!!!  So, despite my surprise at the smugness of this latest "refashionista" craze....I've got a few "refashion" stories of my own to share!!! 

What to do when your office of 13 years believes in team building through lots and lots and lots of t-shirts????  Well, there's a throw...that turned out larger than anticipated....

And tees revamped into racer-back work out tops...

...with one from a river rescue clean up for Roo!
Previously there was the little Polly top made out of a floral scarf and a fabric scrap...

When 'refashion' is used to refer to changing ready made garments into a more usable/beautiful piece in the eyes of its new owner, there is no one better than Sarah Tyau!!!  Check out her insta!!!!!

Seriously!  These renovations are nothing short of amazing!! 
B has gotten into the refashion craze as well...

...bending an overgrown crepe myrtle to his will!!!
A refashion of our yard, that added several "new" flower beds and plantings this spring and summer led to this:

This pepper plant has been crazy productive!!!
For all of that, sometimes a 'refashion' is even more personal.  After 13 years in my office where, by the grace of ever so many amazing parents, I was given the incredible blessing and privilege of caring for their precious children, the time has come for a change.  It has been one of the best and most gratifying experiences of my life.  But, as the office manager put it....

"Many moons ago, a Nurse Practitioner came to Peds Care hoping to find a practice where she could give great patient care to the children of this community...and she did just that and then some!!!!!  However, just as everything in life, this chapter is closing so new chapters can be written.

A quote from Lao Tzu says, "When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be."  I think this describes Celeste in its entirety!  She is letting go of what she has been for a very long time and venturing out to see what she might be for the next phase in her life.

Celeste, we bid you farewell but wish you the best in all your future adventures...and we know you will have many!!  LOL!!"

My heart is full.  I treasure the moments I have spent with every baby, toddler and teen. Every giggle and every tear will stay with me always.  I will forever wish my best to all the moms and dads I have had the privilege to help in our most important job ~ caring for our critters. 

Yes.  My heart is full.  But, the thing I've learned about hearts is that they can always grow to hold more.  Let's see what I can 'refashion' out of me!!!  Much love to all my dear PC peeps.  ~ love, c

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  1. Cheering on the chameleons of the world who reinvent themselves and continue to grow and flourish. Cannot wait to read where your new path will take you. Much love.