Thursday, May 23, 2019

Sew Chaotically! ~ Me Made May and Melanoma Awareness! Days 21, 22, 23!

Ain't brushed my hair.  No time to care, with a bit of bean picking in a cool little me made shift!!  McCall's 6074.  Technically designed for a knit.  But it worked out with no need for the elastic under the bust in this cool cotton eyelet. 
May 22!
Cool comfort for the win in seersucker. Butterick's 5890 fit and flare top.  Really recommend.  It's a really great fit and easy to make!
May 21
Navy throw.
I love to crochet, but usually in the winter, when you have the desire to snuggle under a blanket but look productive at the same time!!  Have been working on this little throw over the past few months while sitting with a convalescing friend.  With only the last row to go, decided to finish it off this morning.  It is part of a sitting room overhaul that is not yet complete but has everything to do with these yet to be finished sashiko embroidered pillow covers....
Scott boy stoked about it, despite my procrastination!!!
May's Melanoma Awareness Message ~
It's ALL that!!!  Live and sew and grow and play chaotically! ~ les


  1. Les, I like this message and I like the way you fight the beast.
    Cheers, Chris0815

  2. You've sure been busy! I'm Scott-boy stoked about your pillows too! :)