Saturday, April 8, 2017

Sew Chaotically! - Fit and flare top - B5890

I've had this pattern for a while and finally stitched one up for Roo as part of her spring wardrobe update!!!  Spring Tops!!!

Here, I used a light weight seersucker from either JoAnn's or Hancock (back in the day!!) and the collarless version of D (ever so slightly shorter due to limited yardage).

It sewed up beautifully!!!  The tucks (pleats?) are interestingly made and super easy!  My only change was to make the neckline a little lower in the front.  (Left per the pattern indications it would have been high, y'all!)
Rosie's went together so easily and was so cute I made myself one!!!

This one is a sleeveless view A, again with the lowered neckline.  I am proud of the pattern placement!  A challenge only because of limited yardage, but still.  I love how this one looks, but because it is made of quilting cotton (purchased before I knew the difference) it does require ironing, which is a bit of a pain.

On the flip side, making my own binding from the fabric was easy peasy since it took to the iron very well!  Previously, this was something I thought I'd never do.  But I rather liked making it and using it has been a treat!!

The third is the charm!!  This one is full length view D (without collar and with the slight neckline modification) in a seersucker that was a little heavier than the one for Roo.  Gotta say, seersucker works very well for this pattern as it holds the drape without being stiff and no ironing is required!

I added a little button with loop to the top of this one.

And while it needs to get a little warmer to enjoy wearing it at home, it was super fun to wear during our little "spring break"!  Travel Chaotically! - The Gulf Coast - Spring Break and Me Mades, Baby!!!
This is a fun little top that fits very well!!  Maybe I should make it into a dress!!!!  Sew Chaotically! - les

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