Sunday, April 2, 2017

Travel Chaotically! - The Gulf Coast - Spring Break and Me Mades, Baby!!!

A spur of the moment spring break!  With my B!!!!
A beautiful (and delicious) dinner at One Fish, Two Fish in Pensacola.  Wearing my me-made  Marled grey easy sweater - M6844

Pensacola beach really is as beautiful as any playa on earth.

With the cutest beach bum....

....and his alien friend!!!

'Sew' many Sorbetto's, 'sew' little time.  4 of Colette's Sorbetto's so far!  You can literally wear them anywhere!!!

There was a little rain as we made our way to Gulf Shores. But after a yummy dinner at Bahama Bob's we were given a beautiful rainbow!

A lovely walk through Bon Secour National Wildlife Refuge...

Hair in the air and just don't care!!! But, I LOOOOVE this fit and flare top....B5890.  This is actually my third make!  To be blogged about soon!
I was lucky to have such a lovely, relaxing treat.  And yes!  You can have melanoma and vitiligo and a wonderful time at the beach.  There were hats and long sleeves and sun screen for hikes.  Walks on the beach are perfect first thing in the morning and in the evening.  All with my sweet bestie!!! Thanks, Bentie.  It is spring again, Baby!!!  love, les


  1. That was a hair raising experience

  2. Looks good am too scared to go sleeveless
    You have too much fun!!! 😊

  3. You can go sleeveless...if you want...sunscreen, out in the evening.'s a choice. Too much fun??? No such thing!!! Hugs!!!

  4. I so wish that I had seen this sooner, we live in the area and I would love to have the chance to meet you and take you to dinner! Your blog and your posts on have been so helpful to my husband and I. Thank you!

  5. That is so sweet of you to say! Wish we could have met! Nest time!