Saturday, December 31, 2016

Sew Chaotically! - Marled grey easy sweater - M6844

I made a sweater!!!!
Long slouchy sweaters are a 'thing' this year!  I'll break a sampling down for you, from left to right above:  Belfast Cardi, $198.00, Sundance - Realm Cardi, also $198.00 from Sundance - The CELESTE Coatigan (I kid you not!!!!  Hee hee!) for $178.00, Boden - and the simply named, Cardigan, for $129.00 from Prana.

So....with that 'style factor', being 5' 9", and Rosie's wisdom to advise that I use as much of this delicious totally washable sweater knit from Mood as possible!!!!....

I made the simplest, longest version on the bottom left, above.
I made size "medium", labeled as 12-14 since I wanted this to be a little on the larger size and I normally make a 10-12.  And I think it turned out well with no modifications in that regard.  The pattern actually nips in a bit at the waist, to give it some nice shape despite the easiness of the garment - something reviewers on had commented on positively as well.
The material, while soft and lovely, (2 yards of "Moonbeam slubbed cotton-rayon" from MOOD @ $14.00 per yard) was very stretchy due to its loose weave.  I cut the pattern out one layer at a time and tried to move it as little as possible as it frayed like a booger!!!  I serged all the seams, though  I actually hemmed it on my regular sewing machine....after serging the bottom edge and hand hemmed the sleeves after same.  I also hand tacked the open collar from the bottom of the sweater to about breast level on both sides as it was a little too 'flimpy' to stay in place on its own.
The sleeves are full length, though I have shoved them up as usual!!

It is soft and cozy and washes up very well!!!  A truly Celestial Cardi for 28 bucks!!! Sew Chaotically! - c

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