Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Sew Chaotically! - A Rosie Red Party Dress - V1424

This easy to wear, wash and sew ponte from JoAnn's has found many uses!!!  You'll see more about that later!

The girly girl said she liked this one!!!
Sewwwww....that's what she got!

With....a funky little choker to match!
Silly bug!
Not really a difficult make.  It is fully lined.  Comes together rather well.  May not have made the pleats exactly as the pattern suggested, but they work and are completely finished on the inside. The hardest part was the last step - which is to attach all four shoulder bits - front to the back.  Rather fiddly and hard to keep as pretty as I liked.  Also, I had some concern, if done as recommended by the pattern, that they would fail to be strong enough to support the weight of the dress over time.  So, to fix all those issues I encased each in a bit of grosgrain ribbon after stitching.  Then...on a whim...made a very Keeping up with the Kardashians Choker to match!!!
I think she liked it!!! Sew chaotically! - les

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