Tuesday, August 28, 2012

24 years, 24 years, then he finds out melanoma isn't his!!!!

Happy anniversary, baby.  To a most uxorious man! Sorry about the melanoma thing, dude!!! - les

PS What DO you think Kanye and Kim chat about???

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Great week! Busy week!

I had such a great week or so with my punkins!  We were busy in K'ville setting up Rosie's place and visiting her favorite haunts plus exercising, eating, and hanging with Fred.  Back here, we went through her things that remained, packed, did yard work, hemmed a skirt, potted plants, crocheted a throw, cooked, shopped, hung out, and EXERCISED!!  Roo had me running, sprinting, doing insanity workouts... It was INSANE....and WONDERFUL!  She got to visit with dear friends and have a dinner with them, too! Freddo came in and chilled with us, then got Rosie packed up and took her and the rest of her things back to her apartment. There they have already started getting ready for new semesters and new jobs!!  Good luck bingaheads!!!  You both make me very proud.  Love - mommy

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Ready Set GO!

Rosie's new digs!!!  View of her living room...
Pretty yellow and red pots she's been collecting!
She IS... Beauty. Full!
Pretty poppy print fabric for pillows from Ruthie!
Isn't it wonderful when 3 different people in 3 different places can see the same vision?!!!
Yellow toaster, red kettle, poppy salt and pepper shakers, red magnetized spice jars? CHECK!
Purple cozy bed.
Pretty purple bath!
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Went up to K'ville to stay with Rosie and help her set up her new place last week.  We worked hard getting it together, but I also got to got see her farmer's market, favorite gardens, and running paths.  Plus, we had great eats and fun with Fred-o who rules as the Scrabble KING!!!!!

Sunday, August 5, 2012

La Cucina!!!.....or....a leap of faith!

Before, and pretty much as it has been for 15 years!!!
The morning of de/re-construction begins!
Oh, my!!!!
It's raining men!!!  Hallelujah!
Ta Dah!!!!
We're cooking with gas!
How great are Ruthie's pots??  It's blue!  Celestial blue even...no kidding, that's the name of the stone!  Hee hee!
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At this point in my life, it is very easy for me to do ANYTHING for others.  For myself, it seems a bit of a gamble, to plan for the future, to expect to see things through for the duration.  But, what the heck?!!!  Here we go!  Thanks to Bent, Ruthie, and Rosie for having the patience to hear me jabber and to encourage me to live large...right now.  Much love - c