Monday, April 21, 2014

New technology developing that allows surgeon to "see" clear margins in cancer removal!

New technology so surgeon can "see" cancer cells!

Pretty cool technology!!! It won't replace lab eval of the tissue to confirm clear margins.  But, I can see it having real potential to make sure clear margins are achieved without having to go back in to "take a bit more" the developing technology could prove useful in biopsy of cancer cells/tumors in the first place.

Any development is bound to help.  Pretty cool thinkers out there.  Pretty good friends for passing it on to me to share!  Thanks, Terri!!  Love, c 

Friday, April 18, 2014

Warriors Dashing!!!

At his sister's behest, Fred finds himself at the Warrior Dash in Dillard, GA!  Bright and early, with a nice chill in the air, that makes wearing a furry Viking Helmet desirable!!

Waiting on some sun!

Heading to the starting line.  Oh....and this is the competitive heat!  I mean, why not????!

And they're off!!!  Just a little 3 mile run with horrifying obstacles!  No biggie!

Loping Lopez gets gone!

Just a little in and out the tires....
And over dead cars....

Here comes, Roo!

She says cars are slippery after you swim over logs in a lake!
Yes.  That is indeed barbed wire over a muddy pit!

Fredo rounds the bend....number already gone...probably stuck to a log somewhere!!!

Too high to leap....

Under is the only option!

Doesn't that look fun?

He's off again!
Now for Rosie!

This race was one in which the participants were the best sports and most generous with one another that I have ever had the pleasure to observe.  Warriors indeed!!!

Gutting it out!

At least she's still got a good attitude!!!
There she goes!
Yep!  That is real live FIRE!!!

Check out those abs!

Leaping lizards!!!  Is she smiling????

That girl should have run hurdles!!  We just should have had them in flames!!!

After another dip in the lake and climb up a rope ladder...a little balance beam action over water!

Ready for splash down!!!

What a Merman!!!

Eyes on the prize!!!

Hugh Jackman better look out.....



I'll take that medal now!!!

A little congratulations from the volunteers!
There's Roo....checking out the rope ladder!

Climbing up!

And up....

This is the exact technique....

She used to climb out of her crib before she could walk!!!

And down the other side!

"I've got to get over there???  And you took off the rope guides???!!!"

Time to scoot!

Oh my!

Inch by inch!!!

Bit by bit!!

Down the slide!!!

Bobbing to the surface!!!

Climbing out!

Heading to the finish!!!


She's DONE!!!!
  The coolest (quite cold actually!!!) Warriors ever!!!  -  c