Sunday, April 23, 2017

Earth Day and The God of Small of Things

No matter how incredible, horrific, beautiful, incomprehensible, infinite, human, alien ~ it comes down to the small things.  So, on earth day I celebrated all the science we may never fully understand.  Though it IS our responsibility to ensure that those who follow us get to experience its wonder....

A walk in the woods.... Cade's Cove...with my bestie!

Squirrel corn.

Humble trilliums.

May Apple....or Fairy Pagoda.  You choose....

Wild ginger.

Brook Lettuce.


Silver the trees above and a carpet below....

Squaw Root..."a rare and unusual find!"

Jack in the Pulpit...thanks to the sharp eye of a friendly fellow hiker.

See the Little Brown Jug????

Lady Slippers!
A beautiful break.  Thanks, Bentie.  Thanks to the God of Small of Things. Thanks Mother Earth.  - c

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