Sunday, May 5, 2019

Sew Chaotically! ~ Me Mades for May X's 3!

For #MMM2019 Day 5, I'm ticking all the boxes!  Refashioning a previous make.  Putting my umpteenth Morris blazer to good use, AND rocking an awesome Roo and Bentie MADE t-shirt!
I made this dress a couple of years ago when I first really started sewing.  It wasn't constructed terribly well.  Something was always 'off' about the back AND I made it from quilting cotton, so it was a bit stiff.  Despite getting compliments on it when I wore it, I didn't reach for it very often.  So ~ I decided it would make a great little play skirt.  I whacked it in half.  Attached a contoured waist band from a pattern I made for myself (resource and story of its creation here).  BAM!!!  

Perfection!!  I have lots of tops and sweaters that I can pair it with, but I love it with this amazing Tee Roo and B made me for my 50th Birthday! 
Roo's poetry has touched my heart in many ways, the dragonfly is only one!  Check out this post for her beautiful words:  Ratties and Hope!  And this one to see how far B will go to honor the dragonfly:  Lucky Bugs!
I love my outfit, my amazing supportive peeps, and my crazy photog!!!
Be a happy, lucky bug!!  But invest in a little insurance and..

Live and sew chaotically! - les


  1. Nice remake! I love the colors in that fabric, so I'm glad you found a way to get more use out of it. And beautiful flowers!

  2. I was too! Not sure if the ill fitting top of that dress was due to me or the pattern...but...