Thursday, June 6, 2019

Sew Chaotically! ~ REFASHION!!! Skirt to Nikko and dress to useful separates

I had a fun and productive Me Made May!!  Thanks for tolerating all the pics.  Not sure how effective May as Melanoma Awareness Month is ~ at least in this forum as I am probably simply singing to the choir!  Anyhow, I made some things I really like (a couple yet to be photographed and published) and embraced making the things in my closet be useful.  Some found new homes and some were refashioned!  This skirt has been worn a bit, but the waist band was always too big, despite having been taken in years ago.  Plus, who REALLY wants a bunch of extra fabric scrunched around your waist?  Clearly didn't think that through when I bought it!  Still, it was made of a lovely soft knit.  So, what to do????   A Nikko top refashion!

Since my two prior Nikko's pulled just a bit across the front, I cut the front piece of this one a half inch away from the fold and lengthened the neckband accordingly.  This fabric is so soft if may not have been necessary - but it worked!
A cute useful piece for my wardrobe from a little worn garment!  Plus, the scraps will go in my "pouf bag" and the elastic will find a use somewhere!
Rose is gradually working on her annual wardrobe eval and wondered what could be done with a slightly frumpy, over sized dress whose fabric she liked and is in perfect condition.

Easy!!  Hack it in two! Leaving the elastic intact, serge the 1 inch edge of the bodice left on above the casing, fold over, then hand stitch it behind the elastic, with carriers replaced for a lovely skirt!
For a little crop top, serge and hem the bottom.  Add a pleat to the back to improve the fit!  Tadah!!! An unused piece now useful in sooooo many ways....
Add a different cropped tee and tie in back for a cute outfit for errands.
Add skinny jeans and your dancing shoes for a night out!
Tie it conventionally like Mannie or go full boho chic like Roo!
I used to loathe mending and adjusting existing garments, but I now find the ability to make rtw garments into more useful, well loved pieces very satisfying!!  Getting to play with my girl is an added bonus!  (And, yes.  My take on what's coming out of ASCO is on the way.) Meanwhile ~ Sew and live chaotically!! ~ les

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