Monday, May 1, 2017

Sew Chaotically! - Melanoma Awareness Month/Day AND #MMMay 2017 ~ or ~ M6886 - It's a dress, it's a skirt, it's....crazy land!????

May.  Melanoma Awareness Month.  Also happens to be:  Ichthyosis awareness month!  What the heck????  Too much skin crap and too little time, I guess!  Do check out this lovely lady's post (link above).  Rochelle is an amazing sewist, knitter, designer, dog lover, kid camp mentor, writer, and survivor!  Definitely worth your time!!

Everybody's going thru something, right???  Sometimes, that something is more (or less) obvious to others.  No matter how close to death I have been with lung and brain mets, I've never looked particularly ill.  I always imagined what folks thought of me, as we were all waiting like sheep, some bald and shorn, others not, in various oncology, radiology, and surgical waiting rooms.  At times I thought, I could hear, "Damn.  She looks good!  I can do that.  I can get through this. If she did it, I can do it!!!"  At other times, the sad smiles that came my way felt like, "Oh, look at her.  She is going to be getting some tough news today.  I hope she can handle it.  She has no idea what's in 
store."  After work, I tell B that today happens to be Melanoma Awareness Day and one was to wear black in honor, and remembrance, of same.  With a bit of a growl, he replied, "I have melanoma awareness EVERY day."  While I continue to placidly eat my Chinese take away, he adds, "So, is that why you wore this today?" "Yep," I say, "though no one a'tall knew why."  Which is perhaps...NOT the point...but now you do.

But, being the goofy weird-o, a-girl's-gotta-have-fun, chick that I am....I also wore it because of this:
#MMMay17!!!  That would be "Me Made May 2017!"  But, subversive that I also am.....I'm not going balls to the wall, Me Made For Real! - just...kind'a.  I am going to try to participate in "Me Made May" for the first time.  For the uninitiated, one is supposed to wear only Me Made garments for the entire month.  I am going to try to wear something Me Made daily, but not exclusively.  No, I will not have made my shoes or under pinnings.  Many times, my Me Made garments will be paired with items purchased (swoon not, my Me Made Die Hards!!!) from Target or J Crew. we go!!!!

I wear black for Melanoma Awareness Day AND Me Made MAY!!!!
I got this lovely, rather substantial striped ponte from Mood sometime back.  I was really tempted to make another t-shirt dress.....but....

I made a skirt!  (Actually, I made two!!  One went to Roo!)

NO!  A dress!!!

Hee hee!!!

I made a top and a skirt...and a dress (if I wear them together)!!  Figuring that this way, I'd get the best of both worlds!
McCall's 6886 again, having already used it to make My very first T-shirt dress and my more recent bamboo version - I shortened it to make the top!!!

For the skirt, I used this excellent tutorial I first tried HERE! - The 30 minute skirt pattern From So Sew Easy! pegged in a bit at the hem and tweaked just for me!

So whatever skin is yours to live in, I wish you as much comfort and joy as possible.  We only get one go.  Hang in there.  Play hard.  Live big.  And make each day, a custom fit ME MADE.... whatever that means for you!  Much love, les


  1. I love that you're pairing Melanoma Awareness with Me Made May! My skin definitely influences the types of things I wear, which is another huge reason why I love sewing so much! Isn't it awesome to be able to create things that make us feel better?

    p.s. Thanks for the shout out <3

  2. Hi, my name is Rashed. I ended up at your site researching about Melanoma. My wife has this peculiarly abnormal mole since she was 15 years old. She's 28 now. I'm very worried as it had started to itch. Can i share a photo of it with you, so that you can help me.

  3. You may post a pic if you like....but my advice will be this no matter what it looks like: If you are concerned, if a mole has changed, if a mole is bleeding...GO TO THE DERMATOLOGIST....NOW!!! That is the only way you will know what you are dealing with. Have it removed and sent for pathology. I wish you and your wife my best.