Saturday, January 14, 2017

Sew Chaotically! - Bamboo knit T-shirt dress - M6886

B found this luscious, soft, and rich bamboo knit at Gala Fabrics when we were in Victoria.  I knew it would make a great t-shirt dress!!  I used the same pattern I'd used when I made my dress from the panel knit Ruthie gave me and interrupted my already blogged sweatshirt making to make this little dress because I wanted to work with the material before using it in the sleeves of her Linden Sweatshirt!!!

In person, the sleeves do not stand stiffly at attention as they seem to here!!!

My Mannie doesn't have a very cute bootie!!!

I am inordinately proud of this neck band!!!  In the pattern, only the v-neck version has one.  The others are merely folded under so I made this one per the instructions from these tutorials:
Colette: How to bind knit edges
Margaret, From Sewing Machine Warehouse: How to make a t-shirt in 5 easy steps
Lucky Lucille: How to hem knits

This dress is so comfy/cozy and despite the fabric's softness, it doesn't cling, holds its shape very well and has probably gotten more compliments than any other thing I've made!! was super easy!!  Sew Chaotically!!! - c

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  1. This dress is beautiful! And having seen it in person, I know the workmanship is superb!