Saturday, January 7, 2017

Sew Chaotically! - Grainline's Linden Sweatshirt, X's 3!

Now that they have been delivered....I can tell you The Story of the Sweatshirts!!!

Sew, chaotically.....I had this idea!!!  Sweatshirts for the sisterhood!!  For Christmas!  Never mind that I had never made one.  Never mind that for two of them I was going to go against the grain!!! Here. We. GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pattern attained.  Love Grainline everything I have ever made (Morris Blazer  and  Alder shirt dress 1 and 2 ) Great reviews from other sewists.  It will be awesome!!!

Bright knits for Kik.  Using the literal last bits of that red ponte that made the Red Morris Blazer  and the Rosie Red Party Dress!!  It went together most excellently!!!  B thinks it is fab.  Created little side vents with the bottom band!  Totally psyched!!!

Did review my Colette book on working with knits as well as this great video by Margaret from Sewing Machine Warehouse in Australia: How to make a T-shirt  I think she is just awesome!!  I love her tutorial on Serging curves and corners as well!!!

Uh, oh!  Nervous decision time.  Which color for Ruthie's sleeves vs mine?  What am I thinking using silk for the front and back panels of a pattern that clearly says it is for KNITS????!!!!!  But....fabric chosen.  Moving forward with this one as mine (that way I can practice on it)!  Using what is probably the "wrong" side of the silk as it is sort of watery looking...but I like that with this beautiful textured knit that Ruthie gave me for my 50th birthday that I have been afraid to cut into!!  Well, that's all I cut out a (yet to be made) faux wrap dress and was thrilled to have enough left to use here!!

Hey!!  That turned out pretty well!!!  Got tons of compliments on wearing it.  Folks who know I sew many of my clothes thought I bought it!  I'll take that as a good sign! To make the side slit hem, this tutorial was great: How to create a side seam slit By:
And here's Ruthie's!  Used bits of luscious bamboo fabric I used in my yet-to-be be-blogged t-shirt dress, made first so as to practice with the fabric...which is awesome!!  However, since this knit was nothing like the textured knit in my top, I still felt like I was attaching a knit neck band to a silk woven bodice for the first time!!!  (As B had predicted!)

She got an 'un-pieced back' and I used the 'right' side of the silk because it seemed to match the burgundy knit better.

The third time's the charm - when attaching a knit band to a woven!  Meaning - my top, her top - which on first try was too large because I was worried I would pucker the silk if I made it too small - and after unpicking...the third time looks - good!!  If I say so myself!!!

Proud of my hem and bravery in using contrasting thread for top stitching!!!

Is it just me, or do they look a little confused?

Yes, I re-purpose boxes!  I think they liked them!  Hope so.  Anyhow, it was a really fun project.  I have plans for more Linden Sweatshirts for me!  Knit...ALL knit...this time!!!

Merry Christmas up in the sisterhood!!!  Sew Chaotically!!! - love, les

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