Monday, July 25, 2016

Sew Chaotically! - A RED Morris Blazer

Yes, this is my 4th Morris Blazer!  Here are the previous renditions:

 This one is okay...though the material is a poor choice....for just about anything...actually!!!  It feels nice to the hand, but is a woven with NO give that snags on anything that comes near it!!!
This one has been a real favorite....from a nice weight stretch denim that Ruthie gave me.  It is a perfect fabric for the blazer!!!  I posted about making both of them here:   The Morris Blazer and other sewing, July 2015
This one, from a nice light weight suiting, washes up and wears well and made up very easily...despite my having to create a disaster through my ironing!!!  Posted here:  Sew Chaotically! - April Fool!

There was also the little vest I made up for Roo, using the Morris Blazer as well:  Morris Blazer 'vest' 
So maybe that means this is blazer number 5!!!?

Anyhow, when packing for an upcoming trip, I kept thinking I needed to run to Target in hopes of picking up a little red sweater to go with all the blue, black and white items I was taking!!  Suddenly, I realized....No, I didn't!!!  I just needed to make up a little RED Morris Blazer from a soft, red ponte I already had!!!  Sooooooo - I did!
Now, how cute and perfect is that?!!  I did have a bit of a struggle at first as Bernie wanted to skip stitches.  The machine manual insisted that skipped stitches were due to a dull or inappropriate needle.  And so it was....I changed to a Jersey needle in the "proper" size....and all was well.  Jeeze, Bernie!!!  Picky, picky!!!

Thanks for finding the MORRIS blazer for me, Ruthie!!!  For those who don't know, it is from Grainline Studios.  There is even a sew along....that I only discovered when making the last one.  Here's a link:  Sew Along for the Morris Blazer  It's really great and would have done me a world of good had I found it when I made the first one!  It is broken down in parts and starts with choosing fabrics!!  At the end of each section, you just click on the next step.  If you like the look of a blazer like this....I highly recommend it!!!  I luuuurve it!!  Sew Chaotically!!! - c

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  1. You are queen of the Morris Blazer! The new red one is perfect for your wardrobe and looks adorable with the blue and white stripe dress!