Thursday, July 14, 2016

A beautiful visit to a beautiful city....Nice - 2006

We climbed up to see the view...

...along with many others.

Ten years ago...and just like yesterday.

A lizard was happy to take advantage of a dropped cerise during our picnic lunch.

Such loveliness seems almost unreal.

How can the human mind possess such hatred and the desire to harm those they do not know?

I haven't much to offer in return, but to France and it's people, especially those along the coast in Nice and Antibes, I thank you for what you have shared with me and mine.  Je suis desole pour tout ce que vous avez perdue. (I am sorry for all that you have lost.)

Despite political craziness, the nutty world unrest, the frightening bent of those who prefer racist views, the hatred, bullets, and malicious acts some employ to bring grief and harm, not to mention the devastation of hunger and disease... I still contend that the world remains a beautiful place.

We just have to do our best...
...enjoy our small successes...
...and pay attention to the beauty all around us, especially to the strength of spirit of those who run after malevolent beings driving trucks into pedestrians, who spread love not hate, who show us how to overcome the horror, so unfortunately spread, by a despicable few.  
I've got to believe that just like, peace, shared knowledge, and allowing ourselves to be guided by the better angels of human nature...from within and contagious...and will succeed in making the world a better place.  Much love to the beautiful city of Nice and to each of you. - c