Thursday, January 5, 2017

Sew Chaotically! - All things bright and beautiful....

Living in Chattanooga leaves you with one fabric shopping choice - Jo-Ann's. To my dismay, I've found that Atlanta is not much better, though it does have Gail K Fabrics, that is okay, and Forsyth Fabrics, that is actually amazing, if you are in the market for upholstery and home decor pieces.  So, on a recent amazing trip that included time in New York and Paris I was lucky to be spoiled with fabric shopping in both!!!

I've ordered some things from Mood, but on-line ordering seems rather risky to me...though I loved the things I got.  So, of course, I was thrilled to get to visit the sewist mecca in person.  It was fabulous chaos...but a bit overwhelming!! This video captures it pretty well:  MOOD!!!!   I didn't end up getting anything there....this time!!!

I checked out Metro Textile  as it is mentioned on many sewist's blogs and instagrams. It's a pretty small place, on the eighth floor of its building (if I remember correctly) and yes, I met the famed, slightly cantankerous and exuberant Kashi!  I picked up this rather substantial knit (not a scuba, though) that I'm think of using for a dropped waist dress or maybe a flippy skirt:
 M7244 knit dress? OR M6842 flippy skirt?

I wandered in and out of many places.  If you are looking for sequins and sparkles there are streets full of nothing else!!!  But my favorite shop was this one:  B and J Fabrics  So organized.  So fabulous.  So wonderful!!!  I actually LOVED every piece I saw!!!!  Here are my prizes....

Thinking of a short version of S8125 (Mother's Day Dress) out of this soft and beautiful Liberty of London cotton.
Maybe another S8014, full skirted shirt dress from this pretty pale blue cotton with red embroidery?
Maybe the A-line version of S8014?
This cotton flannel is soooo soft and cozy.  A tunic maybe?
Once in Paris, B and I were traipsing through all the streets at the base of Montmartre and the Sacre'-Coeur for en tissu!!!

Tissus Reine was amazing.  Interestingly, they sold Liberty of London cottons for only 25.90 Euros per meter while they will cost you $36.95 a yard in New York!!!!  Just letting you know!!!  Thinking of simple blouses from the two Liberty prints below....

At another shop in the area....a more chaotic sort of place whose name escapes me, I picked up these pieces:
I know! This fabric is quintessential Provence table cloth fabric....but I think it will be a lovely midi length Hollyburn skirt next summer!!!
I have extravagant (for me!!) plans for this jewel toned (rather cheap) silk...if it is silk...seems a bit more like a crepe.  I'm planning a top from the Grainline Studio's Linden sweatshirt with this fabric as the body and a knit for the sleeves, neck and waist bands???!!!!
Then there was  Frou Frou Fabrics with so many cute prints and matching solids.
There were lots of quilting and knitting supplies as well....but I was attracted to this cotton print:
And when I found out it was called:
That was all she wrote!!!
Though ordered from Tessuti in Australia more recently...soooo excited!!  And look how prettily packaged!!!
I am beyond spoiled I realize, and quite excited about all my sewing plans!!!  At this moment all pieces are bright and beautiful ~ the garments all sew up easily, turn out perfectly, and are exquisite works of art!  We'll see what REALLY happens!!  I do have some more generous sewing intentions that I will be sharing soon!!  Thanks for playing with me, B!

Enjoy your plans, whatever they include!! - love, c

PS....One of these things is not like the's already been used to create TWO BEEE-u-tiful tops!!!

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  1. So much fun in planning! I know it will all turn out lovely ~ some of it already has! :)