Thursday, May 11, 2017

Sew Chaotically! - McCall's 2077 - Pleated Funky Men's Wear (?) Pants

This was a crazy trip back in time. The pattern, McCall's 2077, was first used to make a favorite pair of pants I wore to death in high school!  This was back in the 80's, y'all!!!  They were made of a light weight woven of black and midnight blue floral. Girl, I was styl'n!!!  Anyhow, I was surprised to find it when organizing some of my older patterns as I have very few such blasts from my homemade past.
Remember this bias binding????

I was quite pleased to work this waist band finish out, though it was not what the pattern called for, using my me-made bias binding.  NO UGLY INSIDES!!!

With my Sorbetto!
With rtw top and sweater.

With Karm!  This was a fun make. The pants are obviously quite voluminous and didn't require the bit of extra room I gave them when I cut them out.  The waist band sits at the waist, with darts in the back, pleats in the front and the closure is created via a flap over the pocket on one side.  (Much like it appears Megan Nielsen's Flint Pant does.) There are interesting darts both in front and behind at the bottom of each leg to create a somewhat pegged look.

Don't know if I will make them again just because how many pants of this style does one girl need? Plus, I have some other rather "baggy" pant patterns I want to try.  But, I'm really glad I made them as I learned new skills by using the binding on the waist band and have worn them several times already!!

Sew Chaotically!!!! - les