Sunday, May 7, 2017

Sew Chaotically! - Me Made May - Week 1

Me Made May!  My way.  My makes paired with various other bits and pieces.  Here's Week One!

#MMM2017 kick off AND Melanoma Awareness month!  Target top and Me Made Skirt based on instructions from So Sew Easy 

Old Eddie Bauer skirt, rarely worn previously due to an unfortunate length, now hemmed and - Viola! - paired with a Me Made Colette Sorbetto 

Hand-me-down cords and Me Made M7093
Keeping cozy and comfy on a rainy spring day with rtw turtle and Me Made A-line skirt made when I first returned to sewing!
Since warm weather went away...had to pull out my Me Made Marled sweater  Speaking of staying warm....currently working on a new jean jacket.

Thinking of making another of these dresses - Lisette Passport Dress and jacket, maybe even in a textured knit...not sure how that would work.  But, it's a pretty sweet little pattern.  Meanwhile, keeping warm in a jacket a stole from B YEARS ago and refurbished here!  While STILL working on a new jean jacket....very, very slowly!  But, I think it will be worth the effort!!!
Tapas Time!  Wearing my Grainline Studio's Linden!
But my very, very, very best Me Mades (well, partly 'me' anyway!!!) are these:

Was lucky enough to spend a day hiking with Fred-o and his girl a couple of weeks ago!!!

And just this weekend got to help Roo celebrate her birthday with her Jamester!

She was even wearing a Me Made!!!  One of  Her Sobrettos!!!!
Happy Birthday, Rosie Roo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Enjoy all your Me Mades....a sandwich, a garden, amazing peeps, a beautiful blouse, a smile your kindness brings, or even a crazy mess!!!  #mmm2017  #sewchaotically  #bestlifeever - les

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  1. So much fun in this post! Love all the me-mades ~ and you are looking mighty professional in your sewing room!