Monday, May 10, 2010

Reading this...

...has probably become about as interesting as watching paint dry!! However, I guess that beats some alternatives.

Watched Rosie work in the yard and puttered about a bit before it started raining. Helped her go through her closet a little and walked about a tad more. However, my little person trainer has created a 10 minute elliptical workout for me that I am to start tomorrow, so things may get more exciting.

We are going to have a little date tomorrow. I have an appointment with the neuro surgeon at 4pm. So Rosie is going to take me to lunch at Good Dogs (near Coolidge) and do a few errands before she takes me to the appt where Brent will meet us. He is under the impression that I will have an MRI of the brain at the appt. I have no idea. By the time they were finished with the radiation and taking off the halo I was not particularly attentive to any discharge instructions, so Brent probably has a far better grasp of all that than I. At any rate, I will keep you posted with what we find out.

Hope things are going well for each of you...with love - c


  1. Sounds like to me you have a pretty good team keeping you going!!!!

    I miss you terribly! Get well soon friend!

    Jenn H.

  2. Thanks, Jenn. Cute little fellow in your pic!! Hope you are rash free!!! Love, c

  3. I hope it's ten minutes going very slow on the elliptical! Be careful! Love you...

  4. I would think the color of the paint would make the drying process interesting... so what color is your paint?

  5. the clearest sky! :>)

  6. Hey sweet Celeste
    you better still take it easy!!!
    I'm so glad you are doing soooo well...
    we miss you so much!! not the same here without you!
    keep us posted on your Dr. visit today.

    love, joyce

  7. I miss you,too!!! I miss my updates on all the "situations"!! Love you. C