Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Neuro surg visit....

Hey everybody!
Had such a nice day with the Rose-bud. She did some yard work for me and ran the monster while I, yes I, did the elliptical...very slowly!!, and only for 10.5 minutes...Why 10.5 you might ask? Because, I wanted a good number to report!! :>) Meaning, my machine reports calories burnt over a certain period of time based on how fast you go and how much resistance you have set (not that I have any belief whatsoever that they represent real calories) but it is a unit of measure that I can use to compare my performance with. So, before lung resection, and after brain zappage, I was doing almost 400 calories in 15 minutes. My sad little ass today managed to get 150 (aka "GOOD" number) done in 10.5 minutes!!! No matter, I am pleased I did it. I'll hang there for a while until my personal trainer tells me what to do next. Didn't really hurt any worse than just sitting. Got a little winded. We'll see how it goes. So... Keep rooting for the home team!!!
Anyhow, after that mammoth exertion, Rosie took me out to lunch to her favorite hotdog place. We got her some art supplies she needed and puttered about in Hobby Lobby. WHAT a WEIRD store. Then we met Brent at the Neuro surg office.

Rather anticlimactic. No MRI...he will do that in about 12 weeks. Really only did a craniofacial check to see if he ruined me. Passed. Talked with poor Brent (aka donkey still on edge) about recurrence, effectiveness, seizures, etc. All answers served to reassure the donkey, I mean my sweet Bent. I'm an incredibly healthy person with crap...which has been zapped and removed. Therefore, I am theoretically crap-free and as such have a good prognosis currently and in regard to recurrence. He stated that he had not put me on antiseizure meds, because my risk had been so low. (They do use them prophylactically sometimes.) And, my risk of seizure decreases daily unless I should do something else weird in my head. Brent even asked about whether the surg had any concerns about my commute to work once I return and he did not.

So....there you have it...my day in a blog nutshell...and no I am not medicated as I write this....only ibuprofen this morning and just now!!! :>)

Love you all SO much. C


  1. I understand that you have had things removed and zapped, but are you trying to tell me you are not full of crap?????? hmmm if you say so...LOL.....Glad all is moving forward as it should. Love and miss you my friend. P.C. is not the same w/o you sitting by those stairs to talk w/ everyday :(

  2. I was counting on you to call me on that one!!!! Love you!!! You have always made me smile. :>) How can a friend give more than that? Ever yours.


  4. You absolutely crack me up! So glad you are
    doing well but none of us ever expected anything
    different. I miss you my friend! Love ya mucho

  5. lol...yeah that one was to good to pass up. laughter can be some of the best medicine!

  6. LOVE the term "crap-free"! ;) I wish Mama were crap-free!! Hope you are still recovering, maybe if slowly that it is still surely. Think of you often! Oh, and thanks for sharing your precious pictures and memories on this blog, it's like getting a glimpse of your life. With much love.