Thursday, May 20, 2010

Great Visit...

Had such a nice visit with my baby sister, Kik. She is back on her way to Houston now. We lazed about and talked. Fred, Rose, Zeno and Kik did take me on a walk (where I used to run!!) so that I could see the Mountain Laurel blooming down near a creek. It was really pretty. If I had waited much longer I would have missed them. But they were very nice. All my chaperons were worried about me, but I took breaks to catch my breath. It was a work-out, but I am glad I did it. Pain is pretty managable. If I could quit coughing and wheezing, I'd be all set!!! :>)

Hope all of you and yours are doing well. Love to all - c


  1. I am so happy you had a good visit with your sister and you have both the ninos home! I know you are working hard on getting better. Miss you mucho. I got some news for you: I got the job in the ER at Tctch! Start June 7th. I am so nervous. It's a big place and I'm so little but I am excited too. I can hear you saying "you'll do fine, get over it". If anyone gives me crap I will tell them I am part of the Morris family. Ha ha. I love yah friend!

  2. "You'll do fine! Get over it!!" No...actually, you'll do great and I'm so excited for you!!! YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I really hope you like it and I think you will. Crossing all my fingers for your first day. Keep me posted! (And it's not that big...they just like to make you think so!) Love you!

  3. It WAS a GREAT time for sure!
    I hope I didn't wear you down any.
    I'm so proud of how hard you are working to get strong again.
    Keep doing it smart and keep listening to ALL of your supervisors. :)
    I love you!