Wednesday, May 5, 2010

New Day

Read all your posts just now!! You all know how to make me smile. I'm being good and still. Bit of a rough night last night. Don't know if I'm just missing my morphine drip or just dealing with more muscle soreness as is to be expected...but anyhow... Brent went off to work today. Rosie is about to go to school and Momma and Daddy are headed this way.

No details yet on the exact plan for testing my tumor for the DNA stuff. Brent is on it as you might imagine and has already given marching orders to pathology to save it for at least one, if not three tests of that sort. There is a big oncology conference in June where new data and meds are reported on and released. He and my oncologist are anxiously awaiting that info and hoping that some of those types of meds will be available to me should I need them. However, if there is no measurable tumor, the meds are not needed until there is. If that makes sense?

Thanks for all your sweet notes and warm wishes. I'm all set for another day of vegging out!

Love you all. C


  1. Hey Jennay!!! Took me long enough to get on your blog. You know me...SLOW!!! Glad you are doing sooo good. I sure do miss you at the office. Hope everything went well with you today.
    Love you bunches!!! Sheri P.

  2. I hate to hear you aren't resting well... hopefully tonight will be better.

    And yay for Rosie with such a great score on her calculus, plus an I.D. and everything!

    I love y'all!

  3. I hope your day was better today.Hope you have a better night, tonight. Hang in there Celeste!!!Love YJ.