Saturday, May 29, 2010

Happy Memorial Weekend...

Hope all of you are having an enjoyable weekend. Saw the neuro radiologist yesterday and got blood drawn for the HLA typing as well. No new info. Passed another neuro check...(FYI to those of you who doubted my capacity to do so before all this!!!) Asked Brent ahead of time if I could mess with the doc by demonstrating a lisp and a limp...but the donkey looked a little distressed and said he'd rather I didn't. It's hard to have fun and cancer at the same time!! Anyhow, I've been cleared by all my docs, except the one I live with, (and my pulmonologist, I guess) to try to restart any exercise I feel like I can do. I took a sort-of brisk 2 mile walk with Brent and Rosie (after they had run 4 and 5 miles respectively!!) and did manage to jog about 1/4 of a mile as we returned home. Sounded like a wheezy freight train, but I managed.

We're making pizzas this evening. Brent is making the dough in the bread maker and Rosie and I are responsible for the rest.

Have a great weekend. Love to all - c


  1. Just got caught up. Your pics are beautiful. Sounds like you guys have been busy. Loved the quote you put in from the book. You have to be the strongest person I know. Love you Celeste-e.

    tammy l

  2. Hey there!! Are you ready for your new TCTCH adventures? They're coming soon!!!! You'll love it. c

  3. You are amazing and beautiful!!
    When you get a chance you need to write a book!!

    My last day at Peds Care will be July 8th; however my hubby got his job in Atlanta ( I didn't know there was a cisco here in Georgia..anyway that's where he will be next couple of years I guess..) so I will be in Georgia and can stop by when you come back in August.

    I am not sure what I will be doing at this moment....I am praying for directions!!

    You are such a wonderful motivator and definitely a strong survivor.


  4. Life definitely takes strange turns. I am sure you will find a new path that will take you exactly where you wish to go. Sometimes we just don't know where we're heading when we start!!! Good luck to you and your family. love c