Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!!!

What a beautiful, breezy day for Mother's Day. Hope it is wonderful for each of you.

Yesterday was a day of firsts: I actually wore clothes, rather than PJ's. I was narcotic free...ibuprofen is helping with my pain very well. And, I was able to lay down in bed, rather than be propped up on strange piles of pillows. (You have no idea how sick my butt and lower back are of me!!!)

So, with all that, Momma and Daddy decided that I was well enough to leave for now, since I have (rather strict, I have to say) constant supervision from Brent and Rosie for the coming days, and by the time Rosie has to go do other things Fred-o will be back in town.

Rosie is planning a training program for me. It will include short walks that gradually increase in speed and duration as well as some work on the eliptical, so that I can increase my respiratory capacity without the jarring of running. Not sure when I have to toe the line, :>), but I think it is a good way to approach my recovery.

Love to all. c


  1. Happy mothers day! Hope you have a great day! Glad to hear things are still improving. take care , love ya tammy

  2. Happy Mother's Day Celeste. Love yah

  3. Happy Mother's day! Keep improving~keep praying~I will keep praying,too. Love YJ.