Sunday, May 23, 2010

Busy day, lazy day...

Friday was a busy day for me. :>) Did my 15 minute elliptical with me best effort so far. Had an appt with the oncologist. More of a discussion than examination. There are no clinical trials that I currently qualify for since you have to have "measurable disease" to enter them. Which, hopefully, I do not have. Frankly, I'm not desperate enough at this point to even wish to participate in a trial...since you have to remember that they all have at least 2 arms...with some people getting the "good" drug and other arms getting a less effective drug or placebo. Also, there is no real adjunctive care that is advised for me currently. I could do interferon, but my oncologist doesn't recommend it and I don't want it. is more of a time to try to get strong and watch and see. To that end, I have a brain MRI and PET scan scheduled for July 19 and will be having those about every 3 months.

That evening, Brent and I had dinner with dear friends. It was delicious, fun, and nice to get out of the house!!! Thanks guys!

Yesterday, I was rather tired. I just rested with the kids while Brent worked!! When he was rounding in the nursery at Erlanger, he ran into my pulmonologist who asked after me and reassured Brent that all my current coughing was to be expected at this time in the recovery process. (I've had a dry obnoxious cough for the past couple of weeks...thank goodness it wasn't this bad when my chest was so sore right after surgery!!) Anyhow, I will be seeing him in person next week. This week I am seeing the thoracic surgeon on Thurs and the neuro radiologist on Friday.

Tried to do the elliptical yesterday, but stopped after 3 minutes. We'll see what I do today!!! love to all - c


  1. Hey sweet Celeste,
    Everytime I walk by "your" desk I think of you and I wear your bracelet and my moms everyday. I hope that you continue to gain strength daily. You are a true example of courage. Love, Danita

  2. You are too sweet and think far too grandly of me...but I love you for it. How's chemo going?