Friday, February 9, 2018

Sew Chaotically! - One more Linden and final sew of 2017!!!

You know I love my Lindens!  I've made two for others and two for me!!!  With some bits left over from my prior two sewing projects, the Toaster Sweater and Coppelia cardi, I thought I should be able to eek out one more.  Besides, I wanted to make something I REALLY liked out of that pink, French terry!!!!
I figured the stiffer nature of the pink terry wouldn't present an obstacle when used as the front and back for this pattern.  View B, with long sleeves, no cuff, size 8 with no adjustments.
And even though I had to piece the back, I think it worked.  I added the top stitching in a pink zigzag just for fun!
Finally, after lots of work and sickness (on my part!!) Rosie and I are back at our Barre Boot Camp Classes and I was able to give it to her!!!

Lots of Rosie and Linden motion!!!  Two great makes!!!  HA!  Keep moving and have a great weekend!! - love, les

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