Thursday, February 15, 2018

One Hell of a day! And, yes. Fredda Branyon is STILL a criminal!!! So is Mathew Anderson, Kurt Adams and Mathew Adams in Tampa!!!

Okay. I have the best family and friends EVER!!!  My dear sweet love, D, taught my husband in college when B was only 18+.  Need I say more???  This man (D) is clearly a saint!  I've been dealing with B after maturation at age 40!  Girl!  It's been real!!!  D was not only B's professor but mentor.  Paths diverged, but realigned when they found each other again 20+ years ago.  Since then we have been forever bonded.  We are hiking buddies.  We are parents and grandparents.  We are dinner companions. D sat with B through my surgeries.  D takes care of my children, even though they are now 25 and 27. Hell!  D takes care of ME!!!  WE are FAMILY!!!  Today a fucking asshole scammed my dear D.  Calling him...saying, "Hey, this is your grandson!"  To which D responded, "What?"  But, then he assumed it was my son.  In the end scammer asshole said my son, D's dear grandson, was in jail due to unfortunate circumstances in Tampa, Florida and needed $1,485.00 in order to make bail.  My dear sweet friend, went as fast as he could to the nearest Moneygram office and sent the money.  This ass first called posing as my son, then, as soon as it sounded as though D would help, he called again - posing as a person (Matthew Anderson) from the Public Defender's Office in Tampa who needed the money sent to Kurt Adams in the office of Bail Bonds Roche at 1906 Orient Road, Tampa, Fla.  Kurt Adams took the money. 

Not only did he take the money....he called dear D back later that afternoon.  Shockingly, he needed more money to settle the entire situation.  Well, dear D didn't have that money.  So, he came over.  Needless to say, he had promised his grandson that he wouldn't tell us of all the difficulties...but when the funds were such that he couldn't meet the need...he felt horrible...but came to tell us.  Well! We called our son.  No, he was not in Tampa.  And, No!  None of the things alleged had happened!!!!  But, we went to town on Matthew Anderson/Kurt Adams/Matthew Adams!!!  (And, I am not done!!!)

A quick google of the number:  1-800-388-6514 (Please call it!  One thousand times.  Over and over.  Leave a message that you are ready to wire money for your dear one!!!!) shows that many folks have been scammed in a similar way.  See this post: where I added to the message the Lucas County Sheriff's Office has put out.

Thankfully, Moneygram....somehow, someway....despite paying out the initial sum....figured out this asshole is a scammer.  They are to refund my dear sweet D his money.  But....I am not done!  I will be contacting the Hillsborough County Sheriff's Department in the morning.  I have already reported the crime here in TN.  I have let the Bail Bond Company know that their name and address are being used by an ass.  I am not done!  Be ware and help me if you can.  I HATE BULLIES!!!  And thieves.  And liars!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

On that topic....Fredda Branyon.  Remember her????  Check out this post if you don't:  Quack Watch!!! - Jerks who try to take advantage of the word "cancer"! And this one:  Jenny Hudgeson, Kim Burns, and Fredda Branyon...different or the same????  This bitch and her minions (or just herself with poor English and weirdness) posted on MY blog!!!  Then, with a little research, I discovered she was posting on any blog with "cancer" in the title!!!!!!  What a horrible person!!!  As if that was not enough, I learned this:  Stem Cell Smuggler Pleads Guilty

Basically, it says this: 

A former Arizona laboratory owner has pleaded guilty to selling unapproved stem cells across state lines.  Fredda Branyon, the former owner of Global Laboratories in Scottsdale, AZ, faces up to three years in jail and up to $10,000 in fines. Appearing before a US district judge on August 18, Branyon admitted that in 2009 her company sold stem cells for non-research purposes without FDA approval.

Specifically, she admitted to selling 183 vials of stem cells to an individual in Brownsville, TX on 27 separate occasions between April 2009 and February 2010 for approximately $300,000. This individual then treated patients suffering from autoimmune diseases with these stems cells.

The stem cells were not created under FDA guidelines or in an FDA-approved facility. Instead, Branyon created the stem cells from the umbilical cord tissue purchased from a Del Rio, Texas midwife. Because Branyon did not have an experience creating stem cells, she hired a Charleston, SC medical school professor to assist her.

It’s a real disservice to people who are really trying hard to follow rules, and perhaps overly strict rules because of the misinterpretations of what stem cells are. To do something like that just makes it harder and harder for those therapies to become actualized,” said Broad Institute stem cell researcher John Rinn.

In 2009, Branyon announced that her Branyon Integrative Medical Group (BIMG) would perform a study on the treatment of HIV-related illness using umbilical cord-derived stem cells. The study was designed as a six-month program to be overseen by Mexican physician Edgar Payan Arechiga. It is not known if this study was actually conducted. The BIMG, formerly known as the New Hope Medical Center, was founded by Branyon to offer alternative treatments for patients suffering from cancer and other chronic illnesses.
It’s just too easy to make money off of sick people, and some of these [stem cell] clinics are taking real advantage,” says stem cell clinic watchdog Barbara Hanson. After a bad experience in a Tijuana stem cell clinic that promised to cure Hanson and her friend’s chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), the two women co-founded the online forum Stem Cell Pioneers in 2007. The forum gives patients interested in stem cell therapies a place to share information related to stem cell treatments, doctors, clinics, and results.
In 2007, Hanson posted information on the forum about Branyon’s background, pointing out that Branyon was not an accredited doctor in the US. At that time, Branyon wrote in an e-mail to Hanson, “Because of pulling in many many types of treatments from around the world (some not FDA approved) for other MDs and DOs I decided not to become licensed. I never lost a license because I never had one to loose [sic]. With the type of research that I have donated my life to, I could in no way have done it with a license.”

So many fucking assholes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  You make money off of men of integrity who love their children.  You make money off desperate cancer patients.  Are you kidding me????  

But...I digress.  Fredda still thinks she is awesome.  Her doctor-less self who lied, stole, broke the law, used cancer patients....still thinks she has an audience!!!  Here is her blog:  Dr. Fredda Branyon My life's mission is to Educate people about the power of Hope   STILL calling herself a less....and hijacking HOPE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What the hell?????  I. AM. NOT. DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Help me if you can.  I try to be a beacon of light.  But, I am sick of this shit!!!

Where are the people in charge???  Where are the Medical State Boards???  Arizona????  Seriously???  We got kids killing kids.  We got an orange man telling us we need to recognize kids in need of help.  I DO!!!  EVERYDAY!!  And guess what?  There are NO services!  Kids living with friends because their parents are dead, or in jail, or don't care...don't have insurance.  And even if you do have insurance....have you tried to access mental health services?  Or ANY services????  This kid was pitiful...horrible....despicable...tortured...evil...broken.  Whatever you want to call it.  Whatever it really was.  If he hadn't had a gun he couldn't have killed 17 innocent people.  PERIOD.  

My heart hurts.  My head hurts. And I have lost nothing.  But...I. AM. NOT. DONE!!!!!!! - c

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