Thursday, June 20, 2013

Quack Watch!!! - Jerks who try to take advantage of the word "cancer"!

Yep, folks!!  It's a new technique in the ancient game played by charlatans, hucksters, and snake oil salesmen since time began. Put the word "cancer" in your blog post title and you are likely to have an inane, grammatically incorrect, if not downright incoherent comment posted by Kim Burns.  She's fond of starting them with..."Me and Dr. Fredda Branyon think...."  HOLD up!!!!  Stop right there!!  There are three major problems already.  The obvious one with grammar hits hard from the start.  (I know I shouldn't help you, but, Sweetie...when using "ME and Sam"  vs "Sam and I"....simple rule:  Take "Sam and" out of the sentence and see whether "I" or "ME" makes the most sense!!!!) The fact that either party (if in fact, they are other than one and the same) "thinks" is easily disputed.  And, finally, Fredda Branyon is NOT a doctor!  Here's the story:

On June 10, Ms. Burns decided to put a comment on my May 8 post whose title included the word "cancer".  I guess she's not smart enough to know that melanoma is cancer, too! Anyhow, given her sad excuse for the King's English, while touting the wonders of "Dr. Fredda Branyon", I immediately smelled a rat.  (Check it out...I left her comment up for the world to see!!!)  A cursory google look up of the dear doctor quickly told the sordid tale.  Turns out, she's not a licensed physician at all!!!  Even her own web site confesses to that...though it doesn't stop proclaiming her as one!!  But, more than that, Fredda Branyon is a CRIMINAL!!!!!!!  Fredda Branyon of Scottsdale, Arizona, has made thousands off sick and desperate individuals. Ms. Branyon started buying umbilical cords and cord blood tissue from a Del Rio birthing center in 2009. Then, with no training regarding stem cell development or the legal ability to do so, she manufactured hundreds of vials of "stem cells". She sold 183 vials of "stem cells" for more than $300,000, to Francisco Morales, who worked with the lab she owned, Global Laboratories. Morales, in turn, led his patients to believe he was a doctor (he isn't) and was arrested in Texas for treating people with cancer and multiple sclerosis in "treatments" not approved by the FDA. Branyon pleaded guilty during an investigation by the FDA and FBI in 2011. She was facing 3 years in jail and a $10,000 fine. I hope she is cooling her heels in prison as I write. 

Ruthie, the wonder sleuth, took a different tact. She began a search looking for the Kim Burns + Fredda Branyon combo.  Lo and behold!!!!  Scam revealed!!!  Thus far, we have found her ridiculous comments, with the goal of garnering support and press for her Witch Doctor, on numerous blogs by people she assumes are suffering from cancer and are thereby desperate, gullible, and without recourse. Sad news, sweet cheeks!  You picked on the wrong folks.  We may have cancer or currently be suffering pain from the loss of another of cancer's victims, but we do NOT suffer cheats, connivers, imposters, and frauds quietly.  You picked the wrong girl!!!  I will be following your comments with my own....everywhere I find them!  SURPRISE!!!!

The range of blogs and the real live, breathing, caring, feeling, and at times, hurting, human beings that she has tried to hi-jack is nauseating.  Chris seems like a really sweet guy, trying to do some real good in this world.  Americanloons is a pretty hysterical expose' of some of America's deceivers; a point that Ms. Burns was completely oblivious to when making her comment.  There are a variety of informational blogs, some more scientifically credible than others, that she has tried to horn in on.  Super Mommy gives a pretty funny and realistic look at the life of a mom but managed to be yanked on by Ms. Burns when recounting the touching story of the loss of a dear friend's brother to cancer.  Angela Johnson was smart enough to delete comments Ms. Burns made on her photography blog when she made a heart felt plea for brain cancer awareness in May.  In The Barrs..., a humorous, charming husband, tells his story as his wife battles brain cancer. And, for the manipulation of Andrew's Fight...I could gouge the little Burns/Branyon couple's eyes out with a spoon....and never blink once, as Joe, the blog's writer recounts the struggle his son had with cancer and the pain he still feels acutely after the child's death almost one year ago.  The pain in his words are palpable.  Really, Ms Burns?  Really?

To you courageous bloggers out there:  I hope I have not offended by including your stories here.  I will be more than happy to remove them should you wish it...just leave me a comment if that is what you desire and it will be done.

To the swindler team of Burns and Branyon:  I am watching you.  I have only just begun.  You have been warned!  Want some more free press? - c


  1. Kim Burns + Fredda Branyon = ridiculous!
    Being willing to use suffering people in such a manner is unconscionable.
    Good write-up!

  2. Les, if you set your Blogspot blog's "Comments Moderation" setting to "Always", might be able to fight those off.

  3. Thanks, Kyle! I need a super smart IT guy in my corner!! Hope you have a great day!

  4. P.S. I also know I can delete the comment of "their" kind. Initially, my plan was to leave my response to "them" up for a few days and then delete all of it. But, when I learned they were targeting others...folks in much more distress than I am...I turned into an Avenger!!! Write what you like on my blog. I can delete your comment faster than you can say "melanoma makes me mad!" five times, fast. When you mess with others.....makes me even madder!!!

    By the are a real gift to others on the forums, Kyle. You are always kind, thoughtful, and provide others with good information. You take care of that holey head. A bunch of us out here need help from guys like you! Les