Friday, June 21, 2013

Three miles DONE...Take that....

....melanoma, anti-PD1 side effects, and B&B Swindlers!!!  It was slow, but sho, while getting drenched in sunny rain as the Devil was beating his wife!  I'd say those were pretty appropriate conditions for my mood!  My first run since my last infusion, since I've been feeling crappy with arthralgias and mouth ulcers.  (Yes, Virginia.  There IS a Santa Claus.  And, YES, Jeffery!  Side effects ARE cumulative!!!!)  BUT, sometimes you just can't let crappy win!  Besides, The Melanoma Avengers are running in a Half Marathon relay in Johnson City in October and I gotta get ready!!  Bentie is going to be The Hulk.  Rosie - The Black Widow.  Freddo - Iron Man.  And THOR = ces't moi!!!!!  Pissith me off not, or I shall smite thee with my hammer!!!  Rosie has the first leg with 4 miles, Bentie covers the next three, I do the next, and Freddie has to bring it home with a winning time!!  HA!  No pressure, Freddo!!  Rosie is actually planning to run the whole thing, crazy girl!  It should be fun.  It starts at 3PM, so no butt crack of dawn business and there is a Brewfest afterwards.  I think I can be down with that!!!

In other news, driving home yesterday, a mother deer and her three spotted fawns were about to cross the road in front of me.  Herman and Esmeralda were standing in the road.  Geraldine (the mom) and Beatrice were standing on the side.  They quickly stepped back into the bushes as Geraldine called to Herman and Esmeralda to come quickly.  After only a moment's pause, Essie obeyed.  But it wasn't until Geraldine hissed, "Herman, get your spotted little derriere over here RIGHT THIS MINUTE!!", that Herman gave me one more doleful glance and joined the others.  I could here Geraldine fussing as they made their way through the brush...."Just like your father!!!"

Drinking a somewhat nasty protein zone banana chocolate shake at B's behest.  He fears my stomatitis will lead to weight loss and malnutrition.  Hmmmm.  He's just about as bossy as Geraldine. 

Much love to all.  Have a great weekend. - c