Thursday, June 27, 2013

3 miles....for my girls

I ran today, for my girls; for Kidlet and Rosie, Dania and Kathryn.  There was no PR. It was not particularly beautiful, being overcast and muggy.  It was not pain-free.  But, I did hear a tree fall in the woods. I saw a gold finch feeding on wild thistle on the side of the road.  I scoped out wild crab apples that I may forage later. is done. But...I am not.

I wish I could tell you each day will bring sunshine and roses, with clear skin, good hair, and a number on the scale that will make you smile.  I wish those who, by all that is right, SHOULD love and support you, would never fail to do so.  I wish that your professors and friends, bosses and lovers would always play fair.  I wish all that for you and so much more....but it is unlikely to be so....ALL of the time.  So, you must enjoy those who ARE there and the small but tangible gift that EVERY day brings.  Even if the best you can say of some days is:  It is done.  But, I am not.

And should you ever fail to remember how beautiful and smart, creative and strong you really are?  Carry me in your heart and I will always be there to remind you.  Much love with hugs and kisses - c


  1. Love you so much! Going running myself! <3

  2. When its not fair just give me a call muahaha!