Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Jenny Hudgeson, Kim Burns, and Fredda Branyon...different or the same????

Remember the "Quack Watch" post of June 20th???  It covered the story of how "Ms. Burns" had been traveling about on the web, hijacking every blog/post with 'cancer' in the title to tout her "doctor" Branyon, including mine.  The comment Burns posted on my ode to Pati and women surviving baldness as well as chemo is noted below.  As you may also recall, Branyon is NOT a physician, but a criminal who pleaded guilty to "manufacturing" stem cells illegally and selling them illegally, while making thousands off the backs of sick and desperate people.  Since posting this info, and following Burns' comments with the truth in a comment of my own on every blog I found her inane writing on, I have succeeded in getting many comments removed.  Additionally....I made a new little discovery.  Suddenly, Ms. Burns deleted her picture and profile page.  It is blank.  The picture of a pretty brunette espousing her interest in L. Ron Hubbard and "learning about makeups" is no moreBUT!!!!  Just as suddenly, on 7/1/2013, a new page was born, and belongs to none other than Jenny Hudgeson.  Simultaneously, Jenny began hijacking blogs to post comments highlighting Branyon.  AND....while looking around at that sick business, I found that the great Fredda Branyon herself is doing the same thing, albeit in a weird third person style.  Below, you will find samples of the comments made by all THREE of these women.  I ask you.  Do YOU think there are THREE women in this world who would: 
1.  Go to the sick trouble to search the web for blogs and posts by cancer patients and those who have lost dear ones to cancer.
2.  Post comments bringing the criminal Branyon to light on those very posts.
3.  Write so distinctively poorly with the exact same, incorrect, sad, grammar???????

I think not.  But, you can be the judge....

Well me and Dr Fredda Branyon agrees that everything that we wear and have are all accessories, what's important is what's within and how well you show and impart yourselves to everyone.

I agree on all the points that you have shared and thanks for informing us about brain cancer. Me and Dr Fredda Branyon is so happy about it. Keep inspiring others! Have a nice day.
Jun 27, 2013 - Blogger Jenny Hudgeson said... 

Me and Dr Fredda Branyon supports you on this. I believe that this would be such a helpful study to everybody.

To the Ms. Burns, Branyon, Hudgeson trifecta:  You were warned once.  I wasn't kidding.  Keep using cancer patients to push your illegal and illicit agenda and I will make sure you get the PR you deserve.

PS  Since posting on my blog and following your comments...I have been contacted by several people who have very interesting stories to tell about how you swindled their sick loved ones with your QUACK medicines, which happen to be extraordinarily expensive.  Hmmmm.... Wonder if 60 Minutes or Front Line would be interested!!!!????? I'll have to check on that!!!  

Your tenacious 'friend' - c


  1. I continue to be amazed at their (her?) assumption that others would be be impressed by these ignorant posts and also at their persistence!

  2. This entire post I read with the vision of you in false politeness lecturing an idiot while daddy stood behind and glared...love all my warriors!