Sunday, July 28, 2013

Almost 50% of Results of Cancer Drug Trials NOT published!

The first link below leads you to the report (in Chemotherapy Advisor) of the article by Nguyen, et al out of Paris that researched an online registry for phase II, III, and IV trials of cancer drugs in the U.S. between Dec. 2007 and May 2010 and the second leads you to an abstract of the article itself (in Journal Of Clinical Oncology) published July 23 and 22 respectively, 2013.

Bottom line:  The researchers identified 646 trials including 209 randomized controlled trials.  At 12 months after completion only 9% of the clinical trial results were posted online at, 12% were published in journals, and 20% were available via both.  Of the randomized trials, one year after completion, the results for 12% were posted online at, 5% were available in journals, and 17% were found at both sources.  Three years post trial, for clinical trials and randomized controlled trials respectively:  results for 31% and 38% were posted at, 35% and 32% were published in journals, and 55% and 56% were found in both.

"The article describes an incomplete picture of cancer drug reporting that has potentially profound effects on patient management and counseling, as timely and complete dissemination of results can refine patient treatments, outcomes, and safety," say the authors in their accompanying editorial.

You don't say?!!!! tell me what game the researchers and big pharma and big medical institutions are playing at!!!!  Poor ratties.  Poor, sick patients in need of answers.  I really don't know how some people sleep at night.  Keep up the fight, dear ones.  As if we have a choice.  Best - c

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  1. Well, what game ARE they playing? I don't get the motivations for keeping this information to themselves... Only guess is that they want to perfect and sale a drug before anyone else does?