Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Happy Valentine's Day ~ Chaotically!!!

I am absolutely, hands down, the luckiest girl in the world!!!  All because of THIS guy ~
Yes, Bentie had just about knocked his leg off hopping into place after setting the camera!  See the concern on all our faces????
He cleans up nice, doesn't he???
Is very colorful!!!
Knows how to let loose!!!
Is good in close spaces!
Does NOT like to be a hot little donkey!!
Will deal with animals that he doesn't wish to know if it makes little people happy.
Is the best son, caretaker, and friend EVER!
Is basically a BAD ASS!!!
An amazing hiking buddy!
And if all of that, and YEARS of dedicating his life to the care of children were not enough, he is out in the community daily - speaking out for the rights of children and their families to have safe, clean spaces in which to play!
Even today!  There he was, fighting for:  Air you can breathe!  Water you can trust!  Climate you can live in!  Dirt you can play in!
And to confirm that I am lucky in even more ways ~ I had a most beautiful visitor!
As well as a super fun and lovely visit from Roo this past weekend, where we made TWO fun tops.  This little Sorbetto in a crazy "CHEMISTRY" print...
...and a fun cropped LINDEN sweatshirt out of remnants of a soft moleskin scuba I recently used in a jacket and a nice black knit from a skirt for Roo to be!
And today...this sweet girl...joined me at our Barre Boot Camp workout, where she cheered me on as I managed to do ALL the push-ups, ALL the planks, and ALL the SIDE planks!!  Not easy for a person with complete lymph node dissections to each arm, with the right side sporting 9 surgical scars from that and various other melanoma messes!
All that SHOULD be enough, yes?  But, NO!!!  B made Toll House Cookies from scratch!!!  AND paired them with new indestructible metal wine glasses! (????) The cookies were delish!
Added lovely tulips to my pretty desk...
...and surprised me with beautiful art he had made just for me, which now hangs above my kitchen door!
How lovely is that????  Hope flies on dragonfly wings....

I love you Rose and Freddo!  I adore you, my Bentie!  You are my heart, on Valentine's Day and every day in between. - les

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