Monday, January 4, 2016

Part 2 ~ Ratties and Hope!

As Jeanne noted, Roo shared, when "I tried to write a book about cancer, I ended up writing about dragonflies.  According to legend, the last thing that came out of Pandora's box was hope in the shape of a dragonfly".

 Hope flies on  dragonfly wings.
                 Thin glitter
     whisked with the breeze.
                         Such a tiny, delicate song.

The trumpeting of the heart is so very loud.
              Grating the soft meadows
                       with harsh hot and cold.

Together, the soft and the weak,
                   the proud and the overpowering,
can make such a melody
          to soothe
                 the sadness
          that lingers in our
                        tired hands.                                   ~  C. Rose Morris

Then....this Christmas...thanks to the combined efforts of B and Roo...there was this:
Who would make such a T-shirt?  Ratties AND dragonflies????!!!!  What the tub?  How did they ever find such a thing?????

So it has been.  The dragonfly still came with all the hurt and ills that Pandora's box released.  But, she did bring some fashion...all the same. 

Then, against all odds....there are the Ratties.  Definition previously established as: Rattie (per the Les Lexicon) - noun; humans who participate in often demeaning and difficult clinical trials out of desperation and named mostly because of my love of The Rats of N.I.M.H., by Robert O'Brien.
And while this particular rattie seems to be holding out for something better...most of us grab whatever chance is offered.  I know I did.  I am hoping that pickings will not be so slim for ratties of the future.  Never has a group of individuals inspired me more.  I will be forever thankful for those who allowed me hope.  And for all my peeps who let me be me...even if it is a little...shall we say...out there!!!
Happy 2016.  May the dragonflies (and ratties) light your way. - c