Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Sew Chaotically! - Coppelia Cardi by Paper Cut Patterns

I had really looked forward to this make.  Pattern procured by B at my request a bit ago.  Fabric chosen during my Goldhawk Road shopping adventure.  I even had great fun making the ingenious little instruction booklet Paper Cut prints in their patterns!!!  However, there were a few issues...not the least of which was poor fabric choice.  Which makes me rather sad, as I picked this fabric out especially with this top in mind!!!  Many sewists have noted a bit of an issue with the fit of the pattern itself, despite making some very lovely tops. This is one of my favorites: Gray All Day and her Coppelia cardi.  Anyhow, after reading many posts about the fit being large and various other tips, I felt prepared to knock it out of the park!  I cut the size small.

It went together easily.  Though I would not attach the wrist bands the way the pattern advises (and I almost didn't this time).  Done per their direction, the band is attached as a circle to the already put in sleeve.  Doing it that way is:  1.  Just more work.  2.  A right palaver, as the opening was too small to fit around the free arm of my machine.  Next time, I would attach the sleeve binding to the sleeve end flat.  Sew up the sides.  Turn up the cuff.  Anyhow...not too bad right?  Not entirely pressed.  Already with some large adjustments made to remove extra fabric from the shoulder seams, fore and aft, and a good bit on either side.
But...do you see the trick required to make it look even this good?
Yep.  Quite a lot of the "front" is tucked into the side/bottom as I wrapped the top around.  Not that cute in the first place, and impossible unless you are going to stand stock still like a sewing dummy!!!  Then again, when you make a top with material that is clearly too stiff, lacking in sufficient stretch (there's some in the this French terry, but not enough, given its heft), and without the necessary boobage....maybe you ARE a sewing dummy!!!  Hee, hee!!!
I let it sit for a bit...then I came up with this!!  I cut the bottom band off.  Took some MORE off the sides.  Folded the front pieces over each other where I wanted them to be.  Stitched them in place at the bottom.  Cut the bottom even all around as it was pretty jacked after those adjustments.  And finally, added a self drafted bottom band that was wider at the bottom edge than the top to accommodate my bootie!
Sew much better!!!
At least it is a wearable garment at this point!!!  I've worn it a few times in variations like this.  However, the material is so stiff (especially with those overlapping front layers), that I've found it more useful as a cover-up/warm layer over my workout wear on the way to my Barre workouts with Rosie.  Seems a waste in my mind, somehow.  But, as B says...."You gotta wear something there, too!!!"  Maybe he's worried I won't????
When sewing adventures go this crazy, you gotta laugh, right????
I think I'll try this pattern again, albeit with a fabric that is a great deal thinner with more stretch.  But....still loving my 2016 make:  Vogue's 9136 Cozy Coat 
One more knit top and final sewing adventure of 2017 to go!  Sew chaotically! - les

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  1. I'm sorry you are finding it too stiff to be comfortable after all that work! But, it LOOKS really cute!