Thursday, November 16, 2017

Sew Chaotically! - Pinky Pink M6752 and "pattern" from J Crew RTW tank!!!

When Rosie was a little girl, she had an older brother whom she adored and Power Rangers were a thing!!!  However, she refused to accept the mantle of 'Pink Power Ranger' and held the Pink Barbie Power Ranger-esq character in great contempt!  So....Pinky Pink Power Woman was born!!!

A Pinky Pink Power Woman who was very proud of her eye the way!!!
Can you appreciate her fierce pinkness????
When I was in treatment with immunotherapy (nivolumab, now Opdivo) and incredibly painful (and utterly worthless) peptide vaccines...she made t-shirts for the Pink Peptide Posse!!!  [On the back of Ruthie's reads "TROUBLE" while the back of mine reads "DOUBLE!!!"  Does she know us or what???  And, yes, we did wear them together for some sessions!!!]  

Anyhow, though some think pink is a bit 'twee' for fashion, I love it. When I found this gossamer-like pink knit (fifth from the bottom above) in a shop in Walthamstow Market, London, I had to have it!!!  But, what in the world to do with such transparent, pink, delicate stuff????
Well, this.....
I had already used this pattern to make a cowl neck dress:  Here!  And got it into my head that I would make it into a top!!  But a top from fabric that flimpy [Yep! Flimpy is a thing!!!] and see-through...I would need an undershirt!  No worries, I could make that, too!
I've had this bias cut racer back tee from J Crew for years!
It fits me perfectly and I love it!!!  Plus, I liked the idea of the straps being slightly visible with the cowl neck top.  I should be able to use it as a pattern, right????
So....I did!!!  The shoulder straps came out a little thinner than I prefer, because the bias binding I made from the fabric was a little more cantankerous than anticipated!  I'll keep that in mind for my next one.
I really love it!
Now for the top!  Ta-dah!!!
I am Scott Boy Stoked about how this came together!!!

I had so much fun turning this simple idea into TWO garments I really like.  With trousers it is work ready.  With my city joggers, I feel ready for travel - to Italy - or the grocery.  With a pencil skirt it is dinner party perfect!  A Pinky Pink Power Woman outfit indeed!!!  (I hope the sweet, funny lady I met in Walthamstow while waiting to get our respective pieces cut [mine, this pink...hers a black terry] has made her "walking club" jacket!!!)  Wherever you are, whatever you're making ~ Sew, and LIVE, Pinky Pink Chaotically! - love, les
P.S. Thanks for being my Pinky Pink Power Woman Inspo, Roo!!!  I love you!!! - mommy


  1. these two pieces work so well together! who doesn't love pinky pink :)

  2. Thanks to two of my personal Pinky Pink Power Peeps!!!

  3. That is beautiful ~ So versatile! I love pink and Pink Power is unstoppable!

  4. You better believe it!! I am so grateful for you in sooooo many ways. Being one of my Pink Peptide Posse Trio is just one of many!! I love you!