Sunday, June 5, 2016

Sew Chaotically! - Cause Sunday is a day off ASCO and a day of "dress"!!! - New Look 0926 and McCall's 6752

We deserve a break this is how we'll get away...from ASCO....sung to the tune of a jolly big mac jingle! With a few cute summer dresses I recently put together!!!

First up is a small adjustment in the 'Monet' dress....pictured here!!  I made this back in 2014 y'all (and you can tell!!!)  At least time and effort does lead to improvements!!!  The main problem with this dress is a poor choice in fabric.  It is made from a 'quilting cotton' that had no drape and little give, leaving it boxy.  But, I still like the print and though belting helped, it was a bit stiff even for that.  So, I attempted a 'fix' that Ruthie had suggested....
...a bit of elastic encased in the back. Not sure if this was really how you are supposed to do it, but.....

I think it helped!!! 
Next, I decided to put in place a look from my idea board.  I used the New Look 0926 pattern below, those photos as inspiration, specifically their drape and hem, a burgundy washable linen, and 'flat felded' both edges of the side seams (Is that a thing? Just turned them under and stitched...if you know what I mean??) to keep the insides clean and create the finished look of the side slit.  My edgestitch foot was wonderful for finishing the side seams, hem, and top stitching the neck and arms!!! (Thanks, Bentie!!!)  I'm really tickled with how it turned out!!!  The drape works on this one!

Next, a little t-shirt dress from a pretty knit Ruthie gave me and M6752.  It went together very easily and I didn't feel the neck was too wide as some critiques had mentioned.  My only tweak was to curve it in just a bit at the waist on either side so that it wouldn't be too gathered by the elastic there.

It is a really easy dress to wear, dressed up or down.  I could have changed my Serger thread to make the insides nicer...but I figured no one would see those seams unless I showed them!!!  There was a bootie pic that Roo went to the trouble to take for I could show y'all how well it fits...but when you hit that delete button by mistake....phones don't really understand...'Nooooooooooo!'
These little projects were fun for me and now I have some summer dresses that are fresh, easy and wash up well.  There was also a sweet walk in the woods with my B (and yes, there was a bear!!!) and beautiful Mountain Laurel on Bote Mountain trail.....

In whatever way feels right for large and chaotically!!!! (More ASCO to come tomorrow!) - love, c

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  1. All three look lovely! The cowl neck of M6752 looks so pretty on you!