Thursday, June 30, 2016

Most excellent news! Biden threatens to cut funding if cancer trials conceal results!!!

Biden threatens to cut funding if cancer trials conceal results!!!

Click on the link above to read the Washington Post article for yourself!!!

For too long, tax payer dollars have funded studies at prominent, money making, hospital/research facilities, where some researchers, Big Pharma, and CEO's have been more interested in making money and a name for themselves rather than REALLY putting their heads, experience, and information TOGETHER with that ALL findings can truly build on that which is learned by another researcher at another institution with another drug/drug company!!!!  When  you compound that difficulty by the fact that almost 50% of clinical trial results are NEVER PUBLISHED!!!!....we have a problem.  I wrote about how researchers uncovered that unfortunate circumstance back in 2013:  Almost 50% of results in cancer drug trials goes unpublished!!

Clearly, this is NOT okay!!!!  We as tax payers, consumers, and ratties need to know the result of clinical trials...the good, the bad and the ugly.  Researchers, institutions, and pharmaceutical companies MUST share data....all of that real knowledge, bonafide treatments, and incredibly beautiful lives can go forward!!! The withdrawal of funding from those who fail to institute these simple, basic rules guiding the scientific method learned by the rest of us in fourth grade...combined with the tenants of fair play, shared effort and human kindness found on pre-school play gounds everywhere....may be the single most important step toward finding real cures for cancer.

Go, Biden, go!!!!   -c

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