Thursday, November 30, 2017

Safety nets and strong women.....

Yes, many men have more than helped me along my path in life and melanoma.  Dear B, Fred-o, Dr. Michaels, Dr. Weber...are just a start to the list.  Yet, there is an incredible system, an old and knowing sisterhood, that so many women, (And NO!!!  Not all women possess this wisdom...but still.....) from dear Ruthie and Rosie, to so many others near and far, neighbors and coworkers, that literally took me into their hearts and arms, giving me strength when I could not make it on my own.

Over ten years ago, I wrote this:  Women

 More recently, I recalled this post from 2011...
PPP = Pinky Pink Power Women...or... I sewed and created a new post and story ~

Sew Chaotically! - Pinky Pink M6752 and "pattern" from J Crew RTW tank!!!
Then there's the many times a wide variety of potty pics have figured largely in my world:

TB - From 2015: Happy Halloween...and then some!!!
For a better explanation read:  What to say and do....and NOT!!...for a cancer FRIEND (not patient)!

Then today...this, posted by Jeanne...brought memories flooding back and sweet tears to my eyes:

Yes, I have been carried in that net and heard those songs.  Great thanks, big hugs, much love, with laughter that makes your tummy hurt and tears flow ~ to each of you.  love, c

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