Sunday, November 12, 2017

Sew Chaotically! - The Basic InstincT t-shirt by Sasha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have learned a great deal from many sewists through their blogs, tutorials, and other posts on various social media.  Some I simply watch, trying desperately to absorb all their tips and techniques.  Luckily, others have become peeps!!!  Amazing people...who touch my heart, make me laugh and teach me about life...not just sewing.  For a start there's Oonaballoona - aka Marcy Harriell who, via her blog, provided many tips for fabric shopping in NY, inspo and advice for the use of African Wax Prints, creates beautiful, personally authentic garments, and makes me laugh out loud!  There's Tilly, of Tilly and the Buttons, who inspired much of my London fabric shopping.  There's Rochelle, of Lucky Lucille who endlessly inspires me with her art, beautiful garments, work ethic and personal strength in not only enduring, but triumphing over personal challenges. I adore all the women who make up Mix and Sew.  French style is for real, y'all!!  I would be thrilled to be part of such a sewing group!  I adore their exuberance, willingness to admit flaws, and lovely sisterhood!

But, today -  I would like to introduce you to Sasha!!!  Her blog is Secondo Piano (that would be 'Second Floor' in Italian). I love her style, her passion!  Her dedication to authentic, sustainable fabric, fashion, and the way we look at garments, interpret, and make choices as "makers" inspires me daily!  If that is not enough, she MAKES great patterns!!!  AND....they are free!!!  Just subscribe to her amazing site!!!

Sew.....I happily embarked on making her Basic InstincT t-shirt!  To quote Sasha:
"I chose the relaxed cut because I think it’s a more contemporary silhouette and I personally do not like so much having my bra line showing. The crew neckline I just adore for its boyish, nonchalant look in a woman’s garment. I think it looks great under a blazer or a cardigan and can easily be lowered. I wanted this pattern to be a sort of I wanted this pattern to be a sort of blank canvas you could potentially transform into your own beautiful painting."

Great thanks to my B for printing and putting together another pattern.  (If you want, you can print only the size you prefer!  But, when you've got a helper willing to continually print and put together patterns for you...he can do it any way he wants!!!)

Here we go!

I used a drapey cotton knit from Mood I picked up a bit ago...

...and yes, one should make a muslin...but, I can't - be bothered!!!  I made the "small" with no changes, and luckily...the fit is fabulous!!!

I did ALMOST mess up my AMAZING t-shirt by being stubborn!!!  I was set on having my stripes go opposite to the body of the shirt on the neck band, and there was less stretch in that direction....but....I made it work!!!  

The Basic InstincT t-shirt  easily dresses up or down.  It plays well with skirts or pants, alone or with a jacket.  (Here I've added my Morris Blazer!) I can see this pattern becoming the wardrobe staple Sasha envisioned!  I am looking forward to other t's and dresses using this pattern!

Thanks, Sasha. And not just for this t-shirt!  Thanks for being you!!!  Sew chaotically! - les


  1. Thank you so much for your lovely words! I love how it looks on you and I’m really glad you like it and you like the fit :) Since I found my way to the wonderful ww sewing community I had the privilege of meeting (even if virtually only) some amazing humans like you. Seeing my pattern made in such perfect version it’s incredibly rewarding. Thank you!
    Ps: piano also means plan or blueprint among other things but I do have my studio on the second floor ;)

  2. Blueprint, huh? Even more perfect! Clearly, my knowledge of Italian is practically non-existent. Isn't it great when words are only part of how we communicate????! Thanks for a beautifully drafted pattern and for sharing your world!