Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Sew Chaotically!! - African Wax Print top for a beautiful friend!!!

I had so much fun with my first foray into the use of African Wax Prints!!!

Here's the whole story:  Sew Chaotically! - African Wax Print Butterfly dress!!!
My dear friend, Ashia, has always been hugely and sweetly supportive of my sewing efforts!  But you should have seen her face light up in admiration of this fabric in particular!!  Despite my wild abandon in cutting out the pieces of my dress with zero focus on conservation of fabric....thinking only of which swath of color I wanted to place where...and the fullness of the dress itself..... I STILL had loads of fabric left.  6 yards is a lot, y'all!!!  So, I took it into my head to make a top for her.  I had her loan me a simple sleeveless, tunic top that she liked and fit her well.  I started with a basic paper tracing of front and back, with a line for the bust dart.  I don't know what I was thinking...something along the lines of:  just cut that line and slip in extra space....but quickly discovered what those with a brain more spatially related than mine would have intuitively grasped!  That WON'T work!!! was onto the internet to learn how to do a full bust adjustment!!!  (If you have looked at this blog for half a minute, you KNOW that is something for which I have had no prior need!!!!)  If you ARE in need, these two links were really helpful:

Workroom Social: Full bust adjustment tutorial

Craftsy: Full bust adjustment

It seems pretty clear and straightforward...NOW....but it pinched my brain for a minute there!!!

And there she is!!!  The top and my beautiful friend!!!  Love you, Ashia!!! - les