Saturday, November 25, 2017

Sew Chaotically! - Kimono Sashiko Jacket - Lisette B6464 (A little late in posting...but better late than never!!!)

I planned to make a kimono jacket with Sashiko embroidery when I started on this top:

Annie Top by Tessuti
But which kimono jacket pattern to use!!!  I have enjoyed making several Lisette patterns:
This Blanket Coat

This dress....
and this jacket from her Passport pattern

And most recently, I used the pattern below for this little top in my Summer of Basics make-along! 
I figured this jacket included would be perfect!

After creating my stencil, I carefully traced it onto the cuff and neck band pieces.  Then, I decided exactly how I wanted to stitch the "flower" part of the design.  Consistency is important in having your Sashiko embroidery look its best.

I did all the long straight rows and came back around, stitching all the circles.
I made a straight 12.  The pattern comes together very easily.  I flat felled the side seams so the insides would have a clean finish. My only change was in construction. I sewed the cuff to the sleeve flat and then attached the sleeve flat, which allowed me to stitch the sleeve and sides in one go.  You turn up the cuff to the inside, so your seam is hidden. 
I am quite pleased with how it turned out.  The fabric is a linen blend, which is sort of the best of both you get a linen look with much easier care and without the wrinkles!  The only difficulty is that though the fabric seems like a simple navy on its's a little tricky when you pair it with other blues!  I made it as summer was waning, so it has seen limited use this fall with the cooler temps.  I can't wait to put it in serious wardrobe rotation in the spring!

Then, it struck me that this jacket would be cozy in fleece!
So I made one for my dear sweet Danita!

She's been with me...
through highs and lows!!

And because I had extra fabric...  What the heck?  Another for me!
Sew Chaotically! - les


  1. What a great fabric adventure you are on. Love it all.

  2. That Sashiko embroidery is beautiful! Love it with the kimono jacket I also like all the other pieces you’ve sewn, especially the coat and the green jacket

  3. Thanks, girlies!!! I mostly just play! Thanks for the kind words!

  4. Your embroidery work is just perfect! You look beautiful in your new jacket.

    1. Thanks, sweetie! You know I have always enjoyed "hand work" as Mrs. Weaver called it!!!