Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Sew Chaotically! - Summer of Basics Make-Along - Garment #2 - Lisette B6464 Liberty of London Top!

On her Oliver + S Blog Liesl talks about this top...its cuteness (YASSSS!!!!) and its easy stitch-up (well.....)!!!

I loved the look of this top enough to cut into this precious Liberty of London fabric purchased in Paris!  However, until laid out for cutting, I thought it was just printed with a random pattern.  But, noooooooo!!!  There were stripes!  With much concentration, I finally wrapped my head around how to lay it out, having to keep a center back and front seam in mind!

I am very well pleased with the stripe/repeating print placement!  (See that yellow line beside the more aqua section???  It shows up a bit more in person!)  Anyhow, I made a straight 12 as directed by measurements and I think that was fine.  I did add 1 inch to the length.  I considered adding more and probably will on a second make so that I can tuck in or leave out...but wanted to keep the cropped look to go with the high waisted trousers I already made as the first garment of this project and because I don't have many "cropped" tops in my current closet.

I flat felled all the inside seams. The only difficulty was in the "collar"!  Much of that problem was due to the fact that on this fabric....there is NO COLOR you can mark this fabric with and SEE it!!!  I could have made little nips...but this fabric was so delicate I feared to do so!  Plus, while I used a very light weight interfacing on the facing side of the collar, it may have still been a bit too thick.  At any rate, I persevered.....

And there you go!  Garment #2 + Garment #1 of my summer of Basics Make-Along!!!

I think the little button closure for the top is super cute!

I am tickled with this make!  I think I chose the perfect top to work with my new cropped pants, that I can enjoy through more seasons with a sweater or jacket, or dress down for a 
barefoot-with-jeans on-the-back-porch kind of day!
Okay!  Garment #1 and #2 done for my Summer of Basics Make-Along!!! Sew Chaotically!!! - les